Tassel Smoking Caps

The smoking cap arose around the 1800’s because apart from keeping the head warm in draftee rooms, where it was affectionately known as the lounge cap, it also kept the smell of cigar smoke away from a gentleman’s hair. The hat later became popular amongst scholars and became "the thinking man’s cap".

It is one accessory that has stood the test of time for its versatility, as it compliments so many styles including formal, steampunk and gothic, to the more flamboyant. The characterful indie aspect of this piece of clothing is guaranteed to get the magical wizard and magician within noticed.   

TwiLd Capit Hog Tassel Smoking Caps are a blend of vintage charm with modern design and fabrics. They are individually handmade incorporating quilting, hand beading and hand crafted tassels. These elegant Victorian style fez hats are perfect for expressing distinctive style and individuality. A show stopping object d’art!