Scarfs and Cravats

The elegant cravat as we know it today became fashionable around 1650. It was originally derived from the neckerchief worn by Croatians among French infantry and cavaliers, which was adopted by French Officers for its comfort and practicality. It soon spread all over Europe.

The battle of Steinkirk in 1692 had another military influence on the cravat. The story is that horse riders wanted a neck cloth that could be swiftly used to bind an injured horse’s leg. Hence a long strip of fabric that was wound around the neck, easily knotted and stayed in place in breezy weather. The distinguishing feature of this scarf cravat was that the twisted ends were inserted in a jacket buttonhole. This style became a favourite of men, especially naval officers, and women in England and America.

TwiLd Capit Hog handmade scarf cravats embody the historical elements that made this item so popular, comfort and practicality. The short scarfs, in a variety of textures and fabrics, are a refined up-dated version of the simple Croatian kerchief. Jaunty with artisan stylish! Luscious corduroy and warm fleece cravats are a node to the Steinkirk design, with the distinguishing feature of a keyhole buttonhole allowing for swift easy closure. Your hero piece on a cold day!