Pre-folded Pocket Squares

A pocket handkerchief is a timeless jacket accessory, used to add interest and individuality to an otherwise plain jacket or suit. It can also be used to bring garments together, such as slacks and a jacket, or suit and shirt. A pocket square in the combined colours can .....

  • focus the eye
  • bring together or harmonize an outfit
  • give an old favourite a new look
  • can change the perceived colour of a garment

TwiLd Capit Hog distinctive pre-folded pocket squares are a handmade convenient and easy to wear alternative, designed to remove the need to learn any complicated folding technique, while allowing for the mixing of fabrics and patterns to create an impactful accessory. The finishing touch that will leave a lasting impression!  

Given how much it can achieve it's understandable why it's remained a timeless favourite, and why every wardrobe should contain this pre-folded pocket accessory.