Aztec patterned fabric with red corduroy cut ready to be made in to a handmade smoking capPatterned and plain fleece fabrics paired ready to make winter pillbox hatsBlue wool silk and denim fabric intended for a handmade bow tieGrey wool and bright blue check fabric being made into a cravat

For the love of textiles


The products you will find here are the creations of an independent artisan, designing unique and limited edition handcrafted accessories, smoking caps, pillbox hats, cravats, bow ties, pocket squares and wallets, amongst other things. Slow fashion that is timeless, wearable art with a classic aesthetic that is pleasing and practical, using end-of-roll and re-appropriated fabrics, and vintage elements.


 Fashion should be an expression of personal feelings and beliefs

Saving beautiful fabric scraps and re-inventing to give fresh life to those redundant items no longer loved, I design with my customers in mind. Free-thinkers want more than mass reproduced products, they search for something meaningful, a celebration of individuality. Moving away from the constraints of “in fashion” and developing a self-expressive style can only increase personal wellbeing, while contributing to society and the enviroment.

The craftsmanship of handmade is becoming increasingly valued as more and more come to appreciate the uniqueness, quality, and the artist’s personal energy imparted into each crafted piece.

Life story

 Indigo denim jeans ready to be repurposed as part of a wallet bowtie and hat.

Began life as a pair of jeans, and gained new life .....


Indigo denim wallet handmade from repurposed jeans and cotton check fabric .... as a wallet. Life cycle!


Individuality makes you

All the textiles are carefully selected for handle, colour and design, with re-appropriated and vintage supplies adding to the exclusivity. It’s about showcasing textures, patterns and the creative process of pairing different fibres together, to produce a characterful item that can be used and enjoyed. The provenance of the fabrics incorporated in each design dictates whether it will be a one-off design or a very limited run. 

Patchwork pillbox hat handmade in shade of blue denim from limited collection by TwiLd Capit Hog 

My creation …… your style

Hello my name is Julie and I am the artistic creator.
I’ve always been intrigued by textures, finishes and decorative methods of construction. Over the years the creative bug has led me to acquire skills through working in clothing/ fashion, millinery, and theatre. Wanting to use these skills while incorporating a feel good element, along with my love of vintage and travel, my venture in to a creative business began. Using redundant textiles alongside new, to producing that eye catching item that will add a distinct flair to someone’s attire fills me with joy, and inspires me on my creative journey.
Asian Graffiti buildings full of inspiration for TwiLd Capit Hog handmade accessories. Photo by Scott Murdoch from BurstVintage shopping provides lots of inspiration for TwiLd Capit Hog handmade accessories. Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst Shelves of antique books full of inspiration for TwiLd Capit Hog handmade accessories. Photo by Sarah Pflug of Burst



A range of TwiLd Capit Hog handmade accessories along side vintage photographs of men that inspired them.

Modern meets bygone

In all my designs, I try to incorporate a vintage feel but with a modern twist. They will appeal to those who love original design and handmade, while wanting to be part of a textiles life cycle and support the slow fashion movement. And those who are wanting to express a independent mind in their personal style. All my products are unisex, although based on classic mens styling. From design stage through production my focus is always on quality, style, and ease of use, handcrafted in West Yorkshire.




Handmade becomes you

Due almost entirely to word of mouth and with the help of the internet my designs are reaching out across the globe. As well as the length and breadth of the UK, they have so far travelled to customers in 19 countries around the world, including 24 states. I very much value the support of those who appreciate a small independent brand with a personal touch, and want to spread the word to their family and friends.


Hands holding a globe represents TwiLd Capit Hog accessories going global. Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst                          A TwiLd Capit Hog handmade smoking cap boxed ready for shipping


Let your personality shine; take it out of the closet

New designs are always in work to increase a collections offer, and replace as products sell out.
The aim is to foster confidence to express a unique self through characterful handmade style, so whether at the start or in the midst of your journey, discover something new today.