Lapel Pin Brooches

The Tie Lilys CatcH collection of uniquely designed handmade lapel pin brooches, crafted in the UK.
"My great grandmother was a florist, and my mother has often talked about the many corsages and buttonholes she made whilst working with her. These two lades love of flowers and fabric, and of course special occasions, has been the inspiration for the Tie Lilys CatcH collection." - Julie Driscoll
Whichever name you give it, lapel pin, lapel flower, buttonhole, boutonniere, or corsage, the addition of one to any attire can really lift an outfit giving a unique edge. A pop of colour and flair! The elegant finishing touch that can make an outfit memorable! You do not need a special occasion to wear these added details, and display your individualism. Wear often and wear with confidence.
Traditionally they are worn on the left lapel of a man's suit or jacket, while ladies wear on the right-hand side. The advantage of these handmade fabric designs is that they can be worn repeatedly and will never wilt, and for adventurous travellers they are easy to pack.  
Some of the lapel pins are one-of-a-kind, while others are limited editions.
All allow an individual to express a creative style and stand out from the rest.