Collection: Writing and Drawing

Sketch books, notebooks and journals are, in my view, a necessity! 

Their pages provide a place to empty the mind of ideas, thoughts and creative imaginings. All safely stored, to be worked on, as reference material, or simply to unclutter the brain.

Much easier than jottings on the back of envelopes and mounds of post-it notes!

And these books and files provide a personal history to be revisited in years to come. 

  • Handmade

    from my hands to yours direct from the maker, with passion, care and pride

  • Exclusive

    unique and limited edition designs, so once they’re taken, they are gone

  • Mindful materials

    vintage, remnants and reappropriated supplies help create an interesting mix

  • Reinvented

    and rejuvinated with a new purpose and story, to make you look and feel good