Various washes of vintage denim jeans hanging on a rail are recycled at TwiLd Capit Ho

Anti-Aging Denim

Various washes of vintage denim jeans hanging on a rail are upcycled at TwiLd Capit Hog
 Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Denim! A classic fabric if ever there was one.

Comfortable, easy to wear, and durable are just some of the reasons we love it so much. And when it comes in such a wide array of weights, washes and finishes, it’s easy to see why denim has remained a popular staple in wardrobes through the centuries. 

It transforms along with us, aging attractively fading and fraying from use, which just shows how well loved it’s been. It doesn’t get old, it just gains character!

Denims versatility has no bounds, having the capability to be worked into a huge range of looks and styles, from everyday casual to formal wear.  And it literally can be worn head to toe, mixing tones so it’s not overwhelming. 

When it comes to denim age is immaterial!


What’s in store!

This autumn we see the return of the washed out look of the Acid wash of the 80’s.

Artsy patchwork denim is being incorporated in trousers to outerwear....


..... and don't forget headwear like this Patchwork Denim Hat


Grey, a lesser utilized denim wash.

And the tie dyed bleach effect, particularly dramatic with dark indigo denim as a base.

Denim up!


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